You want a new PS5? Even if you are not really into playing games, the Sony PlayStation 5 is a console that is still worth it.

Do you elegant a PS5, however not so desire for God of War?
Do you also don’t feel like paying EUR 619 for a package?
Then now take a look at E, due to the fact that there you can not just conserve on the console, but also with your electrical energy expense!
60 EUR PS plus credit is also readily available as a benefit.
For the PS5 and the voucher, you pay a one-time 199 EUR how much you have to pay for the Meinökotarif monthly, you can easily learn on the side of E.
Simply get in the zip code and approximate consumption in the offer calculator, and you get your individual tariff.
Click on this link for the deal at E how simple

cheaper green electrical power, less expensive PS5

You rarely get the ps5 as inexpensive as in the offer of E how basic.
Either you pay the full rate that has just increased since the release, or you can get it in an expensive smartphone tariff.
With this deal you can also pick the game with this offer, which you simply desire to choose for one of the available bundle.
If the PS5 alone is not yet convincing you, there are still a few arguments to take a better look at the tariff.
Considering that e how just have actually recently lowered their costs, the price of the provider is now below the basic supplier in some regions, so here you can save significantly.

Apart from that, you are protected from cost increases, because you have an entire twelve months of price warranty.
With the guarantee, the minimum term likewise runs, so if the costs are expensive for you, you can merely switch to another company once again.
Now at E how simple your electrical energy cost

How does the modification work?

The change of electrical power provider is really easy for you.
You simply conclude the Mirökotarif online and make the payment of 199 EUR after your credit reliability has been checked.


About 2 week after receipt of payment, the PS5 then stands in front of your door and absolutely nothing stands in the method of the fun.
Whatever else that concerns the modification of service provider takes care of how easy for you.
There is only one thing to think about: If you cancel the agreement before the end of the minimum term, no matter the factor, you need to pay the complete EUR 619 for the PS5 (minus the 199 eur additional payment).
If this is too delicate for you, but you otherwise like the offer, you can likewise do without the PS5 and get a credit to conclude the contract.
Now at E how easy your electrical energy rate
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