The magical world of Disney Dream light allows you to interact with all your favorite Disney characters and, along with them, implement your Disney fantasies. Among them, the favorite of the fans of Ariel and the sea witch Ursula, but the conversation with them can put you in a difficult situation. We have prepared a detailed guide that will help you find and talk with Ursula and Ariel.

locations Ariel and Ursula

The first problem that arises when talking with these characters is to find them. Since both of them swim in the ocean, you need to wait off the coast to interact with them.

They can often be found throughout the kingdom in areas such as glean of trust, frosty heights, or deep in the infamous sea Dazzl-Beach that it turns out to be very difficult for you to get to Ursula and Ariel and talk with them.


How to talk with Ursula and Ariel

Since both of these water characters are found near water bodies, their search takes a lot of time. To do this, you can save yourself from the need to easily find them by reading this leadership.

The trick here is to carry camera as an additional accessory in your backpack. As soon as they get to the shore, you need to use the camera and try to take a picture. Selfie with them. They will rush to you, and as soon as they find themselves within your reach, you must provoke a quest.

If you still can’t talk to Ursula without a selfie trick, you should try to unlock DAZZLE Beach boom. Find and free Ursula from the cave. Then you can free it by completing the quest, and later you can also increase your experience of friendship by giving it objects.