As typical for the franchise, Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura gamers can use a big selection of evolutionary stones to unlock brand-new and effective shapes for their Pokémon. Where do you in fact discover such stones in the games? To make it much easier for you to discover all advancement stones, here you will discover a sun stone in Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura.

Where can I discover a sun stone in Pokémon Parmesan and violet?

Against this background, it is very important to mention that, although the Sonnenstein is not required to get one of the Revelations available in the game late bet either 3,000 poke dollars or League points. In our guide for the quick farms of league packs (LP) in Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura you can read how you can merely farm LP.

In order to make it simpler for you to discover the solar flora and the gathering of the stones, we strongly advise that you check the position of all 10 solar plants in Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura.


You can play Pokémon scarlet red and violet now solely for the Nintendo Switch.

Although you can find solar stones while exploring specific locations in the game, more exactly the Amado desert area, you can really get some during the Amazon Gym test, whose tasks you will find and then have to revive from 10 solar plants the town. To be more accurate, although some solar plants are ready to follow them, some have to be beat to complete the job, and if you beat it, you can be rewarded with the stones. In our case, every beat solar plants rewarded us with a sun stone.

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