Well, because you did not think that Diablo Immortal will give himself without Mr. Terror and the most famous monster from the whole series. Because what is Diablo without Diablo, right? Players reached his appearance from Diablo Immortal — the new MMO mobile production, which in the next few months officially debut on the market. Blizzard mentioned the first half of 2022, and we hope that the words will retain. What strikes immediately strikes in the eye, it’s darker than usual Diablo model (comparing to Diablo 2 resurrected — see above). Interestingly, the model from Diablo Immortal will exist in two versions, two shades: darker and brighter. Or getting two diablo, or (it’s more likely) during the fight, he will change his face slightly. Do not ask us, however, at the moment of Diablo Immortal we will meet the title Devil and what role will be there.