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The developer of the fighting game Skull Girls 2nd Encore is directly in charge of the domestic PS4 version, and will resume distribution soon. Updates will also be provided

Publisher Autumn Games and Hidden Variable Studios said on August 20 that the PS4 version of the fighting game Skull Girls 2nd Encore will be in charge of distribution in Japan in the future. Prior to this, on August 19, the domestic Domestic Ark System Works ended domestic distribution of the PS4/PS Vita version.

Skull Girls 2nd Encore is a 2D fighting game designed by Reverge Labs/Lab Zero Games. It was released in 2012 as Skullgirls and then updated to the current title. It features cartoon-style visuals and systems affected by Japanese fighting games, such as the Vampire series. In addition, a story about artifacts called skull heart, which creates a skull girl that leads the world to ruin, will develop, and many unique characters will appear.


In addition to the PC version, this work has been ported to many consoles, and in Japan, various publishers are involved. The Ark System Works has been in charge of the PS4/PS Vita version and has been sold since 2016, but it has been reported that a license agreement with Autumn Games has ended on August 19 this year. In response to this, the distribution on the PS Store has ended.

Autumn Games is the right of the Skull Girls, and Hidden Variable Studios is a studio that leads the development of a series that contains a mobile version. The development is also involved in Future Club, which was established by former Lab ZERO GAMES staff (related article). According to the announcement, the PS4 version will be distributed directly in Japan in the future. It seems that distribution will be resumed soon.

He also mentioned the update of this work, which had been released for other regions but had cut off for the domestic PS4 version. The latest information will be delivered in the near future of the update distribution time. It seems to be a plan to distribute season passes and DLC characters.

This work is currently developed in Season 1, and in the PC version, the star Annie and Ambrella have been distributed as additional characters. In addition, Black Dahlia and Marie are scheduled to be distributed in the future. These additional characters can be obtained by purchasing one path of the season, and are included with limited pallet packs (additional characters). Additional characters can be purchased as a DLC alone.

It is expected that such DLCs and updates will be distributed without delay in the future by directly distributing the domestic PS4 version. First of all, I would like to pay attention to the latest information on the PS4 version of the distribution of the PS4 version. If you are a user, you should follow the Japanese version official Twitter account.

In “Earth Defense Force 6”, is the sergeant of the previous work survived? The meaningful video at the end of the distribution program is also revealed to the free upgrade and cross -play specifications to the PS5 version.

On April 29, “The Global Defense Force 6” Official Broadcasting Broadcasting -Living in the future of despair. -Episode10 “was distributed, and a new information on the latest series” Earth Defense Force 6 “was announced.

As we have already announced information such as the scheduled release date (August 25, 2022) and benefits, more detailed information is also shown on the distribution program. In this article, we will introduce the contents that the series players cannot miss.

First, this work will be released for PS5/PS4, but also mentioned the difference. Although there is no difference in the content of the game, the PS5 version has a characteristic that takes advantage of the hard performance, such as supporting native 4K output.

In addition, the PS4 version supports the free upgrade to the PS5 version, and can be transferred to the PS5 version after obtaining it even if PS5 is not currently available. You can also take over save data, so you don’t have to start over.

In addition, offline can be played up to two people in screen split, and up to four online. We can play cooperative play in all missions other than tutorials, and support PS5 and PS4 version cross -play.

This is a little detailed information, but there was a dragon in the screen photo at the time of the announcement of this work (released in July 2020). After that, there was no follow -up report about the dragon, and some voices were worried about whether or not there were, but this broadcast clearly commented that there was a dragon. By the way, the color seems to have changed.

That’s all for the information that was clearly stated in the form of comments in the program, but the video that was closed to the end included the tricks that anyone who played the previous work was concerned.

Four soldiers are projected in the video, “I’m looking good, I’m a comedy,” “I’m a costume for Mako,” “If you are, you can leave your back”, “Is it new to the taste of the ration?” “?”

Many people may be familiar with these lines. This is almost the same as what the sergeant and his subordinates appeared in the previous work “ Earth Defense Force 5 ” spoke. In the early stages, the hero was strongly protected, and after growing up as a soldier, the Sergeant who gained full width and his platoon -such a nostalgic video was shown.

Of course, they are not necessarily the sergeant of the previous work, and there is a possibility that they are images that capture them in the past. However, the possibility of survival was not zero, and many viewers felt a single hope. On SNS about such anxious video, there is also a view such as “Is it a time leap?”

“Earth Defense Force 6” starts in a desperate situation, but the future that overcomes despair may be waiting in this work.

How to update CYBERPUNK 2077 to PS5 and Xbox Series X

In these moments you can now play _ cyberpunk 2077 _ natively on your ps5 and xbox series x | s. If this will be your first time at Night City, you just need to buy the digital copy and ready. However, if you plan to use your PS4 and Xbox One physical disk, We tell you how to perform the update for free .

Started with Xbox, thanks to the Smart Delivery, with just putting your disc, or updating your digital copy on Xbox Series X | S, You can enjoy cyberpunk 2077 without problems . However, PLAYSTATION users need to follow a series of additional steps.

1.- Insert your PS5 any of the two discs of cyberpunk 2077.

This Kinda SUCKS! - Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update is HERE (PS5/Xbox)

2.- No matter if you had the game installed or not, go to the product page of the game and in the first option, the button to download the PS5 version at no cost.

3.- The download of around 56GB begins.

4.- If you want to save space on your PS5, you can completely erase the PS4 version. They are separate applications.

5.- Enjoy your return to NIGHT CITY.

Along with this, it is not necessary to install or update the version of PS4 to download the improved version of PS5. Next to this, the installation weight is not as big as one would come to think, since only 56 GB of free space is needed.

On related topics, these are all the details of cyberpunk 2077 in the new generation.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that cyberpunk 2077 is finally available in a consoles that really can run the adventure that CD Projekt Red promised several years ago. Now it is only necessary to know when is that the physical edition of PS5Y Xbox Series X | S is available.

In the “Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition”, the character is refined on the face where the character is shook. New and old design can be switched

Square Enix is ​​the first remastered version of RPG “ Chrono Cross “, “Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition”, PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One for April 7 It will be released on the day. In this work, the 3D model HD reduction and character illustration refiner is performed, and the details are shown through the official Twitter account.

“Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition” is the remastered version of RPG “Chrono Cross” released for PS1 in 1999. The original version was released as a work followed by the popular RPG “Chrono Trigger”. In this work, the concurrent world called Home World and Another World is present. The hero Sergu is going to go back to two worlds beyond space-time and adventure while encountering him friends.

In this remastered version, in addition to the HD of the 3D model mentioned above, the enforcement function with enemies and the combat, the combat, and the combat, the combat is added. In addition, background filter function and screen ratio change function is also prepared. And in the 3D model HD, it seems that the character model is also adjusted not only by sharpening the visual.

Looking at the published comparison screenshots First, for the main character Sergu, the impression of the face, such as the jaw line, is slightly different. Her body seems to have been changed to a slightly thin body type. Also, a texture can be confirmed to a fine pattern and wrinkles in her clothes, and new necklaces are added. Originally the character illustration was a necklace, but it may be possible to express naturally because it has become high resolution.

For heroine kids, it is possible that the character model and texture are adjusted in the same direction. After all her face is shook, and the balance of the body is adjusted accordingly. It looks like her hair volume is different. Although the ribbon to catch her hair is thin, it is probably adjusted to the high resolution.

In addition, character illustrations that appear next to the serifes during the conversation are also updated. It seems that all the illustrations have been refined by Mr. Yuki Shin-ki, who worked on the original version character design. By the way, the remaster has been made for BGM, and new songs are also added.

Chrono Cross the Radical Dreamers Edition Trailer | Nintendo Direct February 2022

It should be noted that the character model and character illustrations before the update will also be HD. In this work, it is possible to switch the new and old character design in the setting. Also, in this work, all fonts are also HD, but SD font (pseudo dot font) can also be recorded and switched.

Similar visual new and old switching functions were also incorporated with remaster remake works such as “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” and “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap”. It would be nice to have a fan who knows the original version. In addition, these graphic switching in this work can not be performed individually, and it is a form that selects whether it is an update or original version at once.

“Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition” will be released on April 7 for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox ONE. The PC (STeam) version will be released on April 8th.

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