In the collection card game in the Tower Defense Clash Royale genre, players break through a series of arenas, each of which opens new cards that can be collected and used in battles. You enter the battle with a deck of eight cards that turn into troops and spells that you will use on the battlefield to defeat your enemy. Here we will discuss the best deck for the 4 Arena in Clash Royale.

We have given you many options depending on your game style. Arena 4 introduces you to Peck Theater , which presents the following cards: Akhtar, Skeleton-Dragon, Fiery Spirit, Hell Tower, Wizard, Giant Skeleton and Pukka. So, although you still may not have some of these cards, now they are available to you.

decks of Akhtar and Valkyrie in the arena 4

A deck with a low level of elixir: arrows, a Barbara barrel, a goblin barrel, hellish tower, a miner, a musketeer, hobby-coppers, Valkyrie.

A well-balanced, slightly more protective deck : arrows, fireball, goblin barrel, hellish tower, miner, musketeer, skeleton army or hobby and balkier.

A well-balanced protective deck : barbaric barrel, fiery spirit, fireball, hellish tower, miner, musketeer, skeleton army and Valkyrie.

decks Clash Royale Pukka and Wizard

Balanced deck : arrows, bomber, goblin barrel, goblin cage, mega Mignon, Pukka, Skeleton Army, Wizard.

Aggressive deck : barbarians, giant skeleton, goblin barrel, hellish tower, Pukka, skeleton army, skeleton dragons, wizard.


Arena 4 Pukka and Musketeer decks

A deck for counterattack : arrows, combat ram, fiery ball, megaton, musketeer, Pukka, a skeleton army and Valkyrie.

Protective countercraft : Barbara barrel, bomber, fireball, goblin barrel, mini pic, musketeer, skeleton army and Valkyrie.

Slow protective deck : baby poor, barbaric barrel, fiery ball, goblin barrel, mini pukka, musketeer, Pukka, wizard.

In general, remember your victory condition: you need to attack these towers, so you cannot just defend yourself. Build from behind, combining the units and creating a powerful attack while your elixir is restored. And follow these hours, keeping your high-budget cards for a large final jerk in the last 60 seconds.

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