Aka announced on the 16th that it will launch the response control tower, which has been operated by executives and divisional officers immediately after the fire, which occurred on the 15th. Chairman Hong Sub-task will be held by Aka Hong, and headquarters and major subsidiaries will participate.

The non-commissioner consists of three divisions, including the so-called cause of investigation, the so-called disaster countermeasures, and the so-called compensation countermeasures. The so-called causes of the cause of the data center fires, the exact facts such as the cause of the fire, delayed power supply, and recovery process. The so-called disaster countermeasures are responsible for taking intense measures to prevent similar events from recurring and conducting a role in implementing them through advice from external experts.

In addition, the compensation countermeasures will establish compensation policies for all stakeholders, including users and partners who have experienced the damage. In the next week, he will set up a channel that can report the damage he suffers. Based on the reported contents, the company plans to discuss compensation targets and scope.

Hong Sub-task, CEO of Aka, said, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of inconveniences, and we are doing our best to normalize the service. We plan to prepare a compensation policy for those who have been damaged by the accident while preparing for intense recurrence prevention measures.