Superman is not the only DC character in the game. Multiversus also has a miracle woman that you can choose in your team.

The miracle woman belongs to the tank class in Multiversus. It has one of the most powerful attacks that cause damage. It can withstand the maximum amount of damage, without losing most of its impulse during the battle.

She has a defensive style of play, and she can use her strength to knock down any enemy from her way in her way, with the help of her simple, but destructive attacks. Although she does not have enough maneuverability, you can fully use it with the right perks.

In the leadership below, we will show you the best abilities of the miracle women in Multiversus.

Best Bonuses for Wonder Woman in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: Shield Athena
Possessing the protective style of the game, the Wonder Woman uses the 12th-level Athens shield as its proprietary ability. Using this skill, it can create a barrier that blocks an enemy shell flying in its way.

Athena’s reload will be reduced after blocking the enemy shell. In addition, the next shield will be stronger than the usual option. This ability alone makes it one of the most useful perks in her arsenal.

perk Slot 1: Crypton skin
Being a tank, the Wonder Woman already has enough health to survive in battle the longest. But the use of a level of level 2, such as Kryptonian Skin, will further complicate the work of her enemy to exhaust him.

This will not only reduce the damage of your team by 4% (to 6%), but also increase its own chances of survival in battle.

perk slot 2: stronger than ever
During each revival in Multiversus, chaos occurs inside the arena. Here the perk of the Wonder Woman comes to the rescue stronger than ever.


This level of level 7 gives its allies the armor, which lasts 5 seconds and can take shape up to 7 seconds. This will increase her chances of survival and will make her one of the best characters-tanks in the game.

perk slot 3: back to back
Back-to-Back fully uses the features of the miracle woman as a protective character. This perk allows her allies to hide behind her shield while she withstands all the damage. And, as a tank, it can get more damage than any other class in Multiversus.

The most pleasant thing in this perk is that you do not need to worry about the punishment of the miracle, as this will reduce the amount of damage that she receives when she is next to her allies.

Tips of Wonder Woman

  • Considering that she protects her allies, the Wonder Woman is the most suitable character for playing 2 to 2.
  • Start each match using its special disfigure Protection of the Gods, since he will immediately give you and your allies the strengthening of protection from the attack of the enemy.
  • Fully use its combo. It is known that the miracle women have the best combo in the game. Therefore, use jets, air forward, air down or lasso when approaching the enemy.