Nasser Al-Khelaifi continues to focus on the focus of Swiss investigation authorities and the prosecutor. The now wants to bring a prison sentence for the PSG boss in the second start.

It’s about Al-Khelaifis work around the TV rights for the World Championships 2018 to 2030. In the FIFA Scandal Games of the 48-year-old a crucial role, so the investigators. Al-Khelaifi, as the owner of the media group leg before the right of the rights the former FIFA Secretary-General Jerome Valcke “non-duly benefits” are sent, so the reproach.

Prosecutor’s office demands 28 months imprisonment for Al-Khelaifi

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As early as 2017, a first crucial procedure was strained, and a half years ago, Al-Khelaifi was freely spoken of it. Now, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office appeared before the Court of Appeals of the Federal Traffage Court again a criminal application for the “incitement on severe irrepareability management.” This reports French sports direction L’EQUIPE.

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Allegedly, the prosecutor for the second procedure is to demand 28 months imprisonment for Al-Khelaifi, comrades Valcke should even be in jail for 35 months.