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Sony can only see: Microsoft shocks with top

The takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is still not quite with. It now appears that the company is currently planning the following action. This is to add video games such as COD and various other top titles from the computer game team to the Xbox Game Pass

We plan to make the popular game collection from Activision Blizzard-Darunter Overwatch, Diablo and Phone Call of Duty-IM Game Pass readily available and also to expand these video gaming communities. By providing the gamers an also better included worth, we wish to more broaden the Game Pass and to expand its attractiveness on mobile phones as well as all attached tools, said Spencer in a description (source: Microsoft).

Microsoft gets Activision Blizzard-what does that mean? Register for us.
on Youtube.

_ Was everything relies on the takeover of Activision Blizzard? We explain it to you: _.

The next rational action would certainly be to add as several games as feasible in the Xbox Game Pass ** and Phil Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Pc gaming, now confirmed that the firm plans, consisting of the Call of Duty and the Diablo Collection as well as the Overwatch games readily available in the pass. Microsoft comply with the concept of making playing more economical as well as aiding gamers from around the world to discover their following favorite video game. It would certainly additionally be necessary to make it possible for programmers to achieve even more gamers and also not much less.

In January, Microsoft announced the job to take control of Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion. This would certainly ensure rights to popular brands such as Starcraft, Wow, Skyrim and much more as well as the legal rights to Overwatch, Diablo and also Call of Duty .

In the last, Microsoft has actually currently validated that the video game would certainly remain to be available for the PlayStation and currently emphasized that the company would dedicate itself to the same version of Call of Duty on the same day when the video game comes on the market somewhere else, additionally to make it readily available on the PlayStation.

Xbox: Call of Duty and even more in the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft gets Activision Blizzard: Why is the offer not yet through?

This is to include games such as COD and other top titles from the video clip game group to the Xbox Game Pass

The following sensible action would certainly be to include as lots of games as possible in the Xbox Game Pass ** as well as Phil Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Video gaming, now validated that the firm plans, consisting of the Call of Duty and the Diablo Series as well as the Overwatch video games readily available in the pass. Microsoft comply with the concept of making playing much more cost effective and helping gamers from all over the globe to locate their following preferred video game.

Garden Story: Gameplay video clip from the indie

From now on you can view in a brand-new video for Garden Story game scenes.

Garden Story was used the Xbox Collection X.
Garden Story is available for 19.99 euros in the Microsoft Store and also consisted of in the Xbox Game Pass.
If you wish to sustain us, then share this video, sign up for the game scenes YouTube channel, leave a thumbs up when you liked the video-and turn on the bell to ensure that you will certainly be informed right away as quickly as a new video clip is launched.

Naraka: BladePoint will come out on consoles?

The developer 24 Entertainment collaborates with Microsoft to bring Naraka: BladePoint to the console. During the presentation of games for Xbox, Ray Kuan, a producer working in Netease Games Montreal, announced that the game will appear in the Xbox Game Pass. Naraka: BladePoint will be available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free, and soon the game will appear on consoles.


when will Naraka: BladePoint go to Xbox?

Naraka: BladePoint will be released on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass and Windows Store June 23 . Twin Blades weapons and all its abilities will appear in the editions of Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

Naraka: Blaidpoint will go out on the Xbox One?

According to Kuan, a version of the game for Xbox One will soon appear. Later in 2022 . So anyone who has not yet been updated to the current generation of consoles can still enjoy the game.

when will Naraka: BladePoint go to PlayStation?

Kuan did not to mention work with Sony and especially mentioned working with Microsoft. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the showcase was dedicated to Microsoft, and maybe because there will be no versions for PlayStation. If there are any news about the possible issue for Sony consoles, we will update this leadership to inform you of this.

To find out about other games presented at the Xbox exhibition, get acquainted with the 6 most important announcements from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase of 2022 or what Minecraft Legends is?-Release date, platforms and much more here, in games for games!

Deals with Gold: Xbox Sonderangebote KW 13/2022

From now on, you can pack some games and extensions for the reduced price in the virtual shopping cart in the Microsoft Store. All Xbox One offers (except the Kinect games) and Xbox 360 titles marked as downwards compatible (AK) can also be played on your Xbox Series X | S. All pure Deals With Gold Offers (DWG) require an active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription.

On Asdivine Hearts you will find the complete overview of all special offers as usual every Tuesday.

Table of contents:

  • Deals with gold
  • Spotlight Sale

_ By the way: With your purchase via the partner links in the following list, you also support this website and the Asdivine Hearts community._

_ Note: Plagiarism and copies of our deals with gold offers including listing are expressly prohibited and unwanted._

Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S – Deals with Gold – March 29 to April 04, 2022

Sorting function: Click column

Title New price € Savings
Colossus Down 9,89 € 8,10 €
Curse of the Dead Gods 9,99 € 10,00 €
Heroes of HammerWatch – Ultimate Edition 13,39 € 6,60 €
Monopoly Plus 4,49 € 10,50 €
Mushroom Savior 2,74 € 2.25 €
Necromunda: Underhive Wars 9,99 € 10,00 €
Outbreak: Gwen’s Nightmare 4,99 € 15,00 €
Pyramid Quest 6,99 € 3,00 €
Skyland: Heart of the Mountain (Xbox version) 3,74 € 11,25 €
The Surge 1 & 2 – Dual Pack (Xbox) 14,99 € 45,00 €
The Surge 2 – The Kraken Expansion 3,34 € 1,65 €
Uncharted Ties: Port Royal (Xbox One Version) 3,74 € 11,25 €

XBox One / Xbox Series X | S – Spotlight Sale – March 29th to 04. April 2022

Sorting function: Click column

Titel Neuer Preis € Ersparnis
911 Operator 6,74€ 8,25€
Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron – Extended Edition 9,99€ 15,00€
Animus – Stand Alone 6,99€ 3,00€
Asdivine Dios 7,49€ 7,50€
Asdivine Hearts 7,49€ 7,50€
Asdivine Hearts I & II 9,99€ 10,00€
Asdivine Hearts II 7,49€ 7,50€
Asdivine Menace 7,49€ 7,50€
ATLAS (Game Preview) 9,89€ 20,10€
Attack of the Earthlings 9,89€ 8,10€
Away: Journey To The Unexpected 4,24€ 12,75€
Back 4 Blood 34,99€ 35,00€
Back 4 Blood Jahrespass 23,99€ 16,00€
Batman: Arkham Knight 13,99€ 21,00€
Batman: Arkham Knight Saison-Pass 4,99€ 15,00€
BioShock 2 Remastered 9,99€ 10,00€
BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition 9,99€ 10,00€
BioShock Remastered 9,99€ 10,00€
Blackguards 2 4,99€ 15,00€
Blood and Guts 7,49€ 22,50€
Bridge Constructor Portal 2,99€ 12,00€
Car Mechanic Simulator 14,99€ 15,00€
Child of Light 4,49€ 10,50€
Feudal Alloy 2,79€ 11,20€
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 6,49€ 6,50€
Headspun 7,19€ 4,80€
Headspun 7,19€ 4,80€
Hell Warders 5,99€ 9,00€
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 7,49€ 22,49€
Hollow 1,99€ 18,00€
HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED – Collectors Edition – Xbox Series X S 41,99€
Hunting Simulator 2: Elite Edition Xbox One 39,99€ 40,00€
Hunting Simulator 2: Elite Edition Xbox Series X S 39,99€
LA Cops 2,79€ 11,20€
Lords of the Fallen 4,99€ 15,00€
Monster Truck Championship – Rebel Hunter Edition Xbox Series X S 19,99€
Mugsters 2,99€ 12,00€
NBA 2K22 Cross-Gen Digital Bundle 25,49€ 59,50€

Basta. Così non possiamo andare avanti... GIOCHI GRATIS GENNAIO 2022 | PS PLUS | XBOX GOLD | STADIA
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered | 7,99€ | 32,00€
Need for Speed Payback | 5,99€ | 24,00€
Need for Speed Payback – Deluxe Edition | 11,99€ | 28,00€
Need for Speed Rivals | 4,99€ | 15,00€
No Straight Roads | 18,74€ | 6,25€
Outward | 9,99€ | 30,00€
Pathologic 2 | 13,99€ | 21,00€
Penarium | 1,79€ | 7,20€
Psychonauts 2 | 35,99€ | 24,00€
Pumpkin Jack | 11,99€ | 18,00€
Rayman Legends | 7,49€ | 22,50€
Streets of Rogue | 7,99€ | 12,00€
Super Tennis Blast | 3,74€ | 11,25€
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Deluxe Edition | 59,48€ | 25,50€
The Occupation | 11,99€ | 18,00€
The Occupation | 11,99€ | 18,00€
The Sinking City – Necronomicon Edition | 11,99€ | 48,00€
The Surge – The Good, the Bad and the Augmented Expansion | 3,34€ | 1,65€
The Surge: A Walk in the Park | 3,34€ | 1,65€
The Yakuza Remastered Collection | 23,99€ | 16,00€
This is the Zodiac Speaking | 5,19€ | 7,80€
This is the Zodiac Speaking | 5,19€ | 7,80€
Valfaris & Slain Double Pack | 8,99€ | 21,00€
Valiant Hearts: The Great War | 4,49€ | 10,50€
Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer Edition Xbox Series X|S | 23,99€ | 36,00€
WARSAW Console Edition | 5,99€ | 14,00€
Watch Dogs: Legion – Season Pass | 19,99€ | 20,00€
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Champion of Gaia Xbox One | 23,99€ | 36,00€
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Champion of Gaia Xbox Series X|S | 29,99€ | 30,00€
WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship Xbox Series X|S | 29,99€ | 30,00€
Wreckfest | 14,99€ | 15,00€

Hinweis: Liste nicht vollständig, Update mit vielen weiteren Angeboten folgt!

PlayStation-Game-Pass could be shown this week

According to Bloomberg Sony could show the project Spartacus this week. This is fundamentally a PlayStation equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass . PlayStation Plus and PlayStation NOW are to be combined here in a service.

What is Project Spartacus?

PlayStation’s Game Pass Could Reveal Next Week | GameSpot News

For the first time we reported in December 2021 on the ominous project Spartacus. Originally, Bloomberg had talked about the project, later also industry insiders such as Jeff Grubb. Grubb called a concept of three price levels in February, which 10 dollars , 13 dollars and 16 dollars . It has also been speculated through the offer, which should be present in the “Playstation-Game Pass”. According to the current Bloomberg Report, the service should start with a line-up of big hit titles of the past years. From First Party Titles, which are available from release immediately, currently not spoken.

In any case, the premium offer, ie for 16 dollars a month, a span of Playstation 1 to Playstation 5 (Buy Now € 925.00) cover. Also PlayStation-Portable title should give it in service.

It is unclear whether the allegedly desired release of the service is still targeted in spring 2022. This was called in the original Bloomberg report in December 2021. A speedy demonstration of the service would certainly result in meaning. Also, how the PC for the service as a platform plays a role is still not to answer.

How is the PlayStation Game Pass announced?

How exactly the service is to be announced is currently unknown. The last state of Play of Sony took place on March 9, 2022. It remains to be seen when and how the plans of the company are announced and whether Spartacus can constitute a competition to the Game Pass. Currently, the Xbox game passports over 25 million users and users.

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Xbox Game Pass surprises subscribers with two important sigilous pitches

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have two new games, from nowhere. Today, Microsoft threw still not only, but two new games in the subscription service. One of the two new games is a stealth throw in all areas, while the other we knew it would be launched today, but we did not know it was a launch of Xbox Game Pass on the first day. Both games are now available via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the base version of the subscription service, and both can also be played on all platforms, that is, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC.

The first of the two new games is Sayo of the Isometricorp Games developer and the Finji Editor, and is already getting excellent reviews. Like the other game, it is a smaller title in scope and ambition, but it is one that is gaining much attention and has been very expected for many for years. The other new game is season of paradise of the developer Kaizen Game Works and the FELLOW Traveler editor, which, before today, was not available on Xbox platforms.

Next, you can read more about each game, find a metacritic link for each game and see an advance of each game:

Sayo (87 in MetaCritical): “Explore a land full of lost legends, ancient powers and fierce monsters in sayo, an isometric action game about a small fox in a great adventure. Berado in a ruined land and armed only with your own curiosity, you will face colossal beasts, you will collect foreign and powerful objects and unravel lost secrets a long time ago. “

Xbox Game Pass Gets Another Exciting Day One Game | E3 Rumors Start to Heat Up | News Dose
Assassin of paradise (81 in Metacritics) «Paradise Island, a world out of reality. There has been a murder that only the “fanatic of research” Lady Love Dies can solve. She gathers evidence and interrogates suspects in this open world adventure. You can accuse anyone, but you will have to try your case in trial. It depends on you to decide who is guilty ».

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC for $ 10 and $ 15, respectively. For more information not only about the subscription service, but above everything related to Xbox, click here.

Xbox Series X: These games appear in the new week KW 06/2022

Next week, some new games for Xbox One and Xbox Series Xbox appear again. What exactly expects you, you will learn about our overview.

Olli Olli World (Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – 08 February 2022

Olli Olli World in the Microsoft Store Pre-order:

  • Olli Olli World – 29,99 Euro
  • Ollioli World Wheel Edition – 44,99 Euro

El Gancho – 09 February 2022

  • El Gancho in the Microsoft Store buy.

Defeat (Game Preview / Xbox Game Pass / Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – FEBRUARY 10 2022

  • Defeat Console buy in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Just REVEALED NEW Xbox Series X Updates! Starfield, Hellblade 2 And Other Major Xbox Games

Breakout Recharged (optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – February 10th 2022

  • Breakout Recharged for 8.99 euros in the Microsoft Store pre-order.

Crossfirex (Xbox Game Pass * / Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – FEBRUARY 10 2022

Pre-order Crossfirex in the Microsoft Store:

  • Crossfirex Originator package – 9,99 Euro
  • Crossfirex founder package – 14,99 Euro
  • Crossfirex ultimate package – 29,99 Euro – 24,99 Euro

  • Only the Solo Campaign Operation: Catalysts is playable for free with an active Xbox Game Pass Abonement.

Edge of Eternity (Xbox Game Pass) – February 10th 2022

  • Edge of Eternity in the Microsoft Store buy.

Kungfu Kickball (Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – February 10th 2022

  • Kungfu Kickball for reduced 12.79 euros in the Microsoft Store pre-order. Regularly the game costs you 15.99 euros.

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – February 10th 2022

  • The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante in the Microsoft Store.

NAPE Retroverse Collection (Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – FEBRUARY 10 2022

  • NAPE Retroverse Collection for reduced 5.94 euros in the Microsoft Store pre-order. The regular price is 6.99 euros.

Powerslave Exhumed (Optimized for Xbox One X) – February 10th 2022

  • Buy Powerslave Exhumed in the Microsoft Store.


  • Pre-order Rise of the Third Power for 19.99 Euro in the Microsoft Store.

Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded – February 11th 2022

  • Ammo Pigs: Cocked and Loaded pre-order 4,99 Euro in the Microsoft Store.

oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – February 11th 2022

SKABFOLD: Shrouded in Sanity – February 11th 2022

  • SKABFOLD: Buy Shrouded in Sanity in the Microsoft Store.

Spirit Roots – February 11th 2022

  • Spirit roots for reduced 5.59 euros in the Microsoft Store pre-order. The regular price is 6.99 euros.

Unound: Worlds Apart (Optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – February 11th 2022

  • Unobound: WORLDS APART for reduced 15.99 euros in the Microsoft Store pre-order. Regular costs 19.99 euros.

Ziggurat 2 (optimized for Xbox Series X | S) – February 11th 2022

  • Preorder Ziggurat 2 for 21.99 euros in the Microsoft Store.

Xbox Series X Finally gets the basic function so expected

Xbox FINALLY Speaks Out About Activision Blizzard EXCLUSIVE Games | New Xbox Games | Xbox News

There is not much difference between Xbox Series X and PS5 as for the hardware, but the two consoles have very different user interfaces and an amazing number of differences in the feature department. For example, Xbox Series X has Quick Resume, an impressive characteristic of “next generation” that the PS5 misses less. It would mean that with a function like Quick Resume, Xbox Series X would also be covered all their basic functions, but it is not like this, although a recent update has begun the process of remedying this.

Until recently, the Xbox Series X had a pretty annoying audio problem. When you connect a headset to your PS4 or PS5 driver, you automatically silence your TV because why would you want the audio to pass through your TV if you have headphones post? Now, there is the option to change this and cause the audio to arrive through both, but the default value is that when you connect the headphones, the TV audio is automatically silence. Until very recently, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S did not do this, but this has changed, however, it is still not the default configuration.

To make the default setting, you must first press the «Xbox» button to open the Xbox Guide. From here, select the configuration and then the volume, the audio output and the additional options in this order. After this, you can alternate the option to mute audio speaker when the headphones are connected. And this will be useful when starting _ EFFECT MADE 3_ at 6 AM and wake up to the whole house because you forgot to manually mute your television after connecting your headphones.

To know the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation related to everything related to Xbox, including Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass, click here or, alternatively, take a look at the relevant and recent links that are listed continuation:

Reboot triplet pack “Hitman Trilogy” STEAM version Overseas January 20 release decision! For the same day for Xbox / PC Game Pass

Denmark’s Developer IO INTERACTIVE announced that it will release the three-part pack Hitman Trilogy of the Stealth Action on January 20 overseas.

Hitman Trilogy that recorded three part works is released on January 20!

This work has been revealed in the official broadcast Hitman 3-year 2 Reveal Streams of January 13, which conveys the content, content from the second year of the latest work Hitman 3 to date. Thing.

This Hitman Trilogy is a series of reboot versions, World of Assassination, World Of Assassination, Hitman , 2016 Hitman 2 , 2018, Hitman 2 , 2021 Hitman 3 is recorded. The corresponding model is PC (EPIC GAMES store / Steam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Also, in the PC version, the handling of Hitman 3 STEAM that was only handled by the EPIC Games store is also started from the same day.

Corresponds from the first day of the release to PC / Xbox Game Pass.

We plan to support Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass on Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10 PC (New Appearance) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Subscribers can play without additional payments. The domestic Xbox version, which is currently treated with Microsoft Store, is delivered overseas.

Game Pass Switch and Co Who wants to play on the way Column

The gaming industry apparently identified a dilemma 2021: PCs and consoles tend to be connected to a screen or monitor and can not be used anywhere. People, however, are comparatively mobile and can, for example, travel away from the bedroom to the dentist and from the hardware store to the kitchen.

So to get gaming where people are where people are, the companies have properly turned up this year: with the release of the OLED switch, the announcement of the Steam Deck, the cloud gaming feature of the Xbox Game Passes and The Sony Leak for merging PS Now and PS Plus was shown where to go — namely everywhere.

Steam deck, Game Pass and Co: Gaming on the go

Gaming companies try either with new hardware (Steam Deck and OLED-Switch) or via streaming (Game Pass and the new PS plus) at any time available at any place — and thus quasi a kind of game -Boy-2.0 age.

While the branch direction of the industry in the annual review becomes quite clear, but my personal 2021 shows in the absolutely opposite direction.

In our picture gallery we show you the best features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S: Next gene is only at home

One of the aspects I have estimated 2021 to gaming is the spectacle: the 4K resolution, the brilliant HDR colors and contrasts as well as the (still rare) ray tracing moments. However, the visual optimum can only be made on the screen or TV, from consoles and PCs that can not be transformed into portable mini versions due to their computing power.

Another aspect is the grandiose stories that are told in Games — and their emotional potential. In retrospect, I have spent a large part of the year with the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy on the Xbox Series X. At no time I had the desire to press this gigantic sci-fi universe to a tiny screen to take it into the subway and ruining the readability of dialogues, visual details and control.

In addition, other subway drivers would have witnessed my reaction to the cruel fate of my crew in Mass Effect 2 — and I usually try to avoid desperate outbreaks in public.

Gaming and Corona: Where to do with the portable consoles?

Introducing Nintendo Switch GamePass Service! (Nintendo Switch Subscription Based Concept Trailer)
Of course, at the end of 2021 can not be ignored that the world still sees in a pandemic, whose end is simply not foreseeable. In the consequence I have significantly less use of a portable gaming device, eventually I am unfortunately much less common than previously on the way somewhere.

The world has shrunken for many since 2020 and gaming mobility has radically developed in contrast to mobility of people. Currently, the Gaming of anywhere concept does not seem to serve existential need, as everywhere is currently limited to an tiny space.

I hope that this will change again in the future. But until then I like to let my games at home during my rare trips, rather than visually poorer versions of them from a puzzled audience from strangers who ask themselves why the type with the portable computer does not join its spaceship crew can.

Look here in the video the winners of the Game Awards 2021:

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Nintendo showed 2021 that they put more than ever on mobile gaming. But is the gamble from everywhere in these times really a necessary innovation?

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