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Kings Group, S.O.S: State of Survival Summer Promotion

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Kings Group announced on the 5th that it will launch a large-scale promotion for summer from July 8 at the mobile game ‘S.O.S: State of Survival’.

The promotion, named ‘Apocalypse that cannot be survived alone’, consists of contents in collaboration with a total of 10 people, including eight global influencers and two popular influencers in Korea. Domestic influencers include ‘Justlikethat’, which is famous for ‘League of Legends’ BJ on African TV, and ‘Lilka’, a so-called low '' and Lilka ”. Ten influencers experience the main war content of S.O.S: State of Survival.

Kings Group said, This promotion is planned to be familiar with the users of the 10 hot influencers from all over the world, and the fresh excitement of the thumb can be accessed to the users. The people with the background will talk together and decorate the war with zombies.

World of Tanks Wargaming, Belgrad and Barsaw Office established

[Wargaming Moon Young-soo] Developer of World of Tanks, Wargaming (CEO Victor Chisley), has set up two new offices in Serbia’s Belgrad and Poland, Barsaw, since the decision to withdraw from Russia and Belarus. It announced on the 15th that it will strengthen its global operation organization.

The new offices will be the seventh and eighth European offices of Wargaming, following Nicosia, Bill News, Prague, Kiu, Gilford, and Berlin.


Wargaming Belgrad will accommodate overseas and local talent throughout development and publishing, and will be a relocation hub for Wargaming employees located in various regions. Belgrad Office will be in charge of providing core services and developing new products, focusing on World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Wargaming Warsaw will be planned for additional development plans based on Wargaming’s reorganization process, starting with the early small publishing team.

Warsaw and Belgrad are a city with tremendous potential in the field of rapidly developing technologies, and we expect to work closely with the IT communities of these regions to build the best game development and publishing organizations. Wargaming continues to move forward with a big plan for the future. Belgrad and Warsaw Office are essential for achieving our goals.

Wargaming will support the growth of local game talent through the local internship program ‘Wargaming Forge’ as part of the establishment of the Belgrad Office.

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